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General Requirements

  1. Duly filled-up visa application form (computerized; font style and size must be ARIAL 12)
  2. Two 2×2 or passport sized colored picture with white back ground
    (picture size requirement for each embassy is different)
  3. Original passport (at least 6 months valid beyond intended stay)
  4. Copy of passport data page
  5. Original and copy of valid visas and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5years
  6. Original personal bank certificate (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average daily balance)
  7. Original bank statement or certified true copy of passbook for the last 3 months
  8. Copy of recent personal income tax return

Special Requirements

For Employees

  1. Original employment certificate (must include applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, office address and landline numbers, and e-mail address)
  2. Copy of PRC/IBP IF (if professional)
  3. Copy of company ID
  4. Copy of PSA marriage contract (If travelling with spouse)

For Businessman

  1. Copy of business registration (DTI OR SEC)
  2. Copy of business permit or mayor’s permit
  3. Copy of PSA marriage contract (If travelling with spouse)

For Students

  1. Original school certification
  2. Copy of school ID
  3. Copy of PSA birth certificate (if travelling with immediate family)
  4. Copy of parent’s documents: original bank certificate, original COE or business documents

For Retirees

  1. Copy of senior citizen card or retirement documents
  2. Copy of PSA marriage contract (if travelling with spouse)

For Foreign Nationals

  1. Copy of ICARD

If The Company Will Shoulder The Trip

  1. Guarantee letter from company
  2. Original bank certificate of the company
  3. Copy of business documents and ITR of the company

If Invited

    1. Copy of invitation letter (notarized)
    2. Copy of inviter’s passport & supporting documents
Note: additional documents may be required by the embassy without prior notice.

If Studying Abroad (Additional)

  1. Philippines last school record original
  2. Financial supporting document (if no scholarship grant)
    • Original employment certificate of parents (issued within 30 days)
    • Bank certificate of parents/applicant (issued within 30 days)
  3. *D4 visa (Korean language course) – amount should be usd5000 or more
  4. Financial supporting document (if no scholarship grant)
    • Photocopy of parent’s ITR
  5. Original admission certificate from Korea (issued within 3 months)
  6. Business permit of the university in Korea
  7. Scholarship exchange agreement (for exchange student only)
  8. Recommendation issued from Philippines school (for exchange student only)

For Religious Workers (Additional)

  1. Copy of church sec in the Philippines
  2. Certification from church original
    • If employed please follow requirements for employees
    • If businessmen please follow requirements for businessmen
  3. Invitation from Korea
    • Copy of business permit of Korean church
    • Invitation letter
    • Copy of inviters id

For Seafarers (Additional)

  1. Original passport with company logo sticker
  2. Copy of seaman’s book
  3. Copy of medical certificate
  4. Copy of OEC receipt & copy of overseas employment certificate
  5. Copy of 2 guarantee letters from Korea company
  6. Copy of Korean company business permit

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