Portugal Explorer Optional Tours

Discover Coimbra with Traditional Suckling Pig Dinner


Duration: 3H30M

Price: From $64 USD*
Experience the wonders of Coimbra, including the city’s most important sights and a delectable Leitão Assado à Barriada (roasted suckling pig) dinner, one of Portugal’s signature dishes!

Discover Lisbon – Tastes and Highlights of Lisbon

Duration: 2H30M

Price: From $41 USD*
Join an expert guide on a sightseeing tour that reveals the many highlights as well as the unique tastes of Lisbon, including Ginjinha sweet cherry liqueur and Pastel de Nata (egg tart pastries)..

Evora’s Heritage

Duration: 8H

Price: From $43 USD*
Drive to Evora to discover, through a guided tour, the secrets of the city. Later learn how cork is produced by visiting a local factory. A full day excursion in the heart of Portugal not to be missed!

Fado Music and Dinner – A Real Portuguese Evening

Duration: 3H30M

Price: From $64 USD*
Treat yourself to an unforgettable evening of classic Fado music and a delectable 3-course dinner at a local Casa de Fado (Fado restaurant).

Tapas Cooking Lesson and Dinner – Portuguese Chef for a Day: Authentic Tapas Dinner

Duration: 3H30M

Price: From $93 USD
Join an expert chef and learn how to create a dinner of Portuguese Tapas specialties, then savor the delicious final product afterward!

Discover Barcelos with Rooster-Painting Experience

Duration: 4H30M

Price: From $45 USD
Enjoy a guided walking tour through medieval walled Barcelos, birthplace of Portugal¿s legendary rooster symbol, then head to an artisan workshop and paint your own rooster!

Discover Oporto with Lunch – Discover Oporto with Wine Tasting & Typical Lunch

Duration: 4H30M

Price: From $68 USD
Learn just why Oporto is so beloved during this exceptional discovery tour featuring a visit and wine tasting at a local winery, followed by a traditional lunch and a guided sightseeing through the city’s historic district.


* Display price is a guide only. You will be able to book your excursions within MyAccount up to 4 days prior to your departure, where the exact price will be displayed.

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